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Driving Insurance Policy Sales with PersonaLive Segmentation

A national insurance provider used the PersonaLive™ segmentation system to personalize their current marketing touchpoints and strategically expand their audience, resulting in a 7.67% higher open rate and a 14.44% higher conversion rate.

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The Client

A national insurance provider wanted to grow their life, auto, and home insurance business while maintaining an efficient business model. Their annual marketing touchpoints include 200 million emails, 300 million direct mail pieces, and 1.4 million unique website visits per year. They maintained an internal segmentation of customers based solely on 1st party data collected from customers, but wanted to supercharge their marketing touchpoints with personalization to drive policy sales.

The Challenge

Can's PersonaLive™ segmentation system enable personalization to drive more effective marketing pieces, increase marketing response rates, and identify new responsive & profitable customers for a higher ROAS?

The Results

The insurance company was able to use segmentation to supercharge their current marketing touchpoints with personalization to realize 7.67% higher opens and 14.44% higher conversion. They were further able to use the segmentation to identify:

  1. #Country as an untapped, high-spending, and large customer segment.
  2. Middle Aged Suburban Families, which was driving over 16% of revenues, was churning at 8% faster than their average customer. This insight alone could potentially save millions of dollars in revenue.
Results from an email campaign that used personalized copy and creative based on insights from the PersonaLive segments.

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