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Ecletticos: Optimizing Facebook Campaigns With PersonaLive Segmentation

The home goods ecommerce brand saw a 28% increase in click-through rate by targeting top segments.

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The Client

Ecletticos is an ecommerce brand specializing in home goods like mugs, blankets, and kitchenware. With an eye-catching brand and design, Ecletticos’s sweet spot is converting social media users on Facebook and Instagram.

The Challenge

Ecletticos sought to identify their top customers to optimize top-of-funnel campaigns. The brand also wanted to discover segments more likely to purchase their blanket, kitchen, and tea product lines.

The Results

Ecletticos was able to find their top-performing customer segments quickly by uploading historical sales and segmenting customer records. These segments translated directly to audiences with a 28% lift in click-through rate and a 54% lift in return on ad spend when compared to both a control group and Facebook’s native audiences.

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