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Personalizing Email With Segmentation

How an insurance provider turned a disengaged contact list into over $100,000 of sales with one email

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The Client

A national insurance provider wanted to grow their life, auto, and home insurance business. They send out 200+ million emails annually and wanted a way to enhance the performance of their monthly offer email.

The Challenge

Before engaging, all contacts in their database received identical email offers. They believed that by providing different subject lines, imagery, and copy relevant to each segment they could improve open-rate, click through rate, and ultimately drive policy sales. In particular, they wanted to see if personalization could provide a lift on disengaged contacts who had not opened an email in the past 12 months.

The Results

The insurance company sent personalized emails out to 560,000 contacts who had not opened an email in the past year. A standard campaign for the insurance company had an average open rate of 17.99% and a click-through rate of 20.50%. Even with disengaged contacts, by personalizing the subject line and imagery, this email campaign saw an open rate of 25.66% (7.67%𝚫) and a click-through rate of 34.83% (14.33%𝚫).

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