PersonaLive Taxonomy Tour


Take a tour of the PersonaLive Taxonomy: the visual user interface designed to help you understand the segments, discover key insights, and activate the data.

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In this course, we'll walk through each part of the taxonomy so you can quickly find the information and insights you need to activate the PersonaLive dataset. Learn how to get a basic understanding of each segment, track real-time social and visitation trends, and dive deep into the metadata for additional context. Append the PersonaLive segments to your customer list using the File Upload portal. Then, use your personalized dashboard to easily identify your most important customer segments and compare them across multiple variables—including spend, churn, LTV, product affinity, and more. This course will equip you to use both the taxonomy and your customer data to their full potential.


  • PersonaLive License (Geo or Premium)
  • Note: File Upload portal and Customer Dashboard are PersonaLive Premium or Exponential features only