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Categorize and understand neighborhoods by their website visitation interests.

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data Overview

Use the predictive power of geographic website interest data.’s GeoWeb data categorizes website visitation data from desktop and mobile devices into 1000+ segments of digital behavior to be used for predicting retail and product success.


Desktop Devices


Block groups


Unique segments

advanced location intelligence

Online behavior meets physical location

Map the web visitation of millions of users to reveal what content, topics, and trends customers engage with online.

Map It

Activate the GeoWeb dataset in any mapping application to discover the interests of a community.

Predict It

Use website interests in CSV or GeoJSON format in statistical analysis software like Python, R, Tableau, PowerBI, and Alteryx.

Spot Trends

Capture month by month snapshots of each census block group to discover trending interests.

Key Features

Real Website Behavior

Go beyond traditional data like demographics to see what customers nearby are really interested in.

Independent of Demographics

Enhance predictive modes by differentiating demographically similar locations by website behaviors.

Granular Storytelling Tools

Each segment tells the story of the interests of a community. Use GeoWeb to not only improve model performance but also reveal the “Why” behind the results.

How it works

An overview of how this dataset was built.



Cookies are crosswalked to mobile IDs to bring desktop behaviors to the physical world.



Each mobile device is homed to a given MGRS grid with statistical significance.



Visits to similar websites are clustered into segments.



A segment index is provided for all block groups compared against the nation.

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