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Segment your customers in under 30 minutes

Customer segmentation doesn't have to be a months-long, ambiguous process. During your free, personalized demo, we will:

  1. Review your current customer data and segmentation opportunities.
  2. Create a custom 90-day plan to activate your customer segmentation.
  3. Demo the PersonaLive platform's 3-step activation process.
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What our customers say

Why PersonaLive?

Streamline segmentation

Whether you know nothing about your customers or want to confirm your intuition, understand who your customers really are faster than ever.

Discover new insights

Leverage dynamic data sources, like social media and mobile location data, to see the brands they visit and the accounts they follow.

Measure ad performance

See how different segments respond to your ads and adapt your strategy on-the-fly. No more blind trial and error ad campaigns.

Build custom audiences

Reach your customers no matter where they are. Create custom audiences and export them across all major ad platforms, including Meta and Google.

Take control of the process

The PersonaLive platform gives you the tools to run your own segmentation analysis. Explore the data yourself and find what you need fast.

Respect consumer privacy

We combine anonymized location data with machine learning to build powerful consumer insights without the need for cookies and individual-level tracking.