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Meet the first real-time segmentation system

Segment your customers based on their social, mobile, and web behaviors. Uncover unique insights and send top audiences to marketing channels — all within an easy-to-use platform.

Data overview

Segment customers by what they actually do online and offline

The PersonaLive segmentation system classifies people by their social, mobile, and web behaviors using address a link.


Social users


Mobile devices


Desktop devices


Unique segments

Sample data

Data for Nashville, TN and surrounding areas.

New resource

Customer Segmentation Toolkit

Learn how to build an effective customer segmentation to center your team on your #1 asset: your customers.

Customer segmentation toolkit.

Deeply understand your customers with insight-rich data visualizations

The PersonaLive platform brings your customer segments to life with immersive imagery and insight-rich data visualizations. Grab a cup of coffee and dive in to what your customers have to say.

How it works

Launch highly-targeted campaigns in days, not weeks


Upload first party customer data or visitation data from your mobile provider to append segments to each individual record.


Study your top segments to discover relationships between their social, mobile, and web behaviors and how much they spend.


Create data-driven, on-target campaigns by instantly exporting segmented audiences to your digital platform of choice.

Case studies

Deeper insights for higher ROI

7.5x return on investment
higher click through rate
7.5x return on investment
of the cost of baseline audience
“We’re using the customer information from [] to create more relevant ads for our actionable guest segments. For less money — or for the same amount of money — we’re achieving higher click-through rates.”
David Ponce.
David Ponce
Chief Marketing Officer, Wings Etc.
7.5x return on investment
higher open rate
7.5x return on investment
higher click through rate
"These learnings were huge in terms of how we go to market with insurance at AAA. We ventured to guess that the [PersonaLive-driven] creative would outperform the generic and it did."
Brittany Freudinger
Marketing Manager, AAA

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