How Wings Etc. Optimized Its Local and Regional Facebook Campaigns

Using SiteZeus Market, the sports bar franchise realized a 760% increase in ROI from their campaign.

"We’re using the customer information from [] to create more relevant ads for our actionable guest segments. For less money — or for the same amount of money — we’re achieving higher click-through rates."

David Ponce



Wings Etc.

The Background

The rapidly growing Wings Etc. franchise includes more than 75 restaurant locations in 15 states. And thanks to its experience delivering specialty chicken wings, brews, and pub food since 1994, the brand boasts a strong customer base. But with inflation on the rise, the Wings Etc. marketing team wanted to scale faster, looking to reach new customers with an offer for 70¢ wings. They selected eight restaurants in the Evansville, Indiana, designated market area to participate in a correspondingFacebook ad campaign

The Challenge

As campaigns typically do, this campaign was expected to resonate more deeply with some audiences than others—but which ones? Wings Etc. sought a solution that leveraged mobile data to rank the top customer segments visiting those eight stores and translate that data into audiences for the ads.

Using the SiteZeus Market platform, which is powered by PersonaLive segmentation, Wings Etc. identified 10 customer segments that together comprised over 65 percent of the tracked visits.

They then used the platform’s Activate tool to seamlessly convert each of these key segments into a targetable audience in Facebook Ads Manager. This precision enabled them to reduce their audience by 60 percent and focus their ad spend on customers who were twice as likely to visit their sports bars.

The Results

Over a two-week period, the Wings Etc. team compared the click-through rate and cost per click of the campaigns that used the SiteZeus Market segments against one using a baseline, non-targeted audience.

The results were strong: Right out of the gate, the 10 segment-based audiences generated a click-through rate 64 percent higher than that of the baseline audience. And when Wings Etc. reallocated dollars to the highest-performing audiences for the second week of the campaign, they found one that drove a click-through rate 380 percent higher than the baseline—and at less than half the cost.

The bottom line? The campaign using the targeted audiences from SiteZeus Market performed better and cost less, increasing the return on investment by 760 percent.


With limited marketing dollars and seemingly unlimited people who could be targeted, growing brands are embracing segmentation as the path to increased campaign profitability. Traditional methods of finding quality candidates for a campaign have proven to be time-consuming and financially wasteful. But thanks to SiteZeus Market, you can leave the trial-and-error approach behind and leverage a methodology that gets you big results in less time.

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