How Peterson Companies Optimizes Location Decisions with PersonaLive

Peterson Companies uses PersonaLive to go beyond traditional data sources and make confident, data-driven decisions.

" is now a default in my thinking... it gives me something else to rely on to raise my confidence level in making a recommendation."

Mark Kufka

Assistant VP, Market Research & Leasing Tech


Peterson Companies


Peterson Companies is one of the largest privately-owned real estate developers in the DC region. While their team already used various market research tools to understand locations and visitors, they sought deeper insights. This led them to explore whether the PersonaLive psychographic segmentation could provide an additional layer of insights.


During one project, Peterson Companies was on the verge of adding a specific tenant to one of their properties based on existing data. However, after using PersonaLive to segment site visitors, they discovered the tenant was not a good fit. Ultimately, Peterson Companies decided against adding the tenant.


Deciding not to move forward with the original tenant saved Peterson Companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in tenant incentives and downstream costs. Additionally, insights from PersonaLive positioned them as industry leaders by equipping their team with unique location intelligence.

"PersonaLive helped us make a decision to not add a specific tenant at one of our properties, which saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars."


By incorporating PersonaLive’s psychographic insights into market research, Peterson Companies is able to make location decisions with greater confidence. By going beyond demographics, they stay ahead of the competition and offer their clients superior insights.

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