How HIFI Agency Accelerates Media Planning With PersonaLive

HIFI uses PersonaLive to quickly develop successful marketing strategies for their clients.

“It boils down to: Who makes it the easiest? Who has the best aggregation of information? How quality is that information? How actionable is it? And delivered on those things.”

Hunter Young



HIFI Agency


HIFI Agency, a full-service marketing firm specializing in the financial services sector, had been using various niche segmentation tools. However, they needed a more comprehensive solution to enhance their overall marketing strategy and media planning efforts. This led them to explore’s PersonaLive platform.


HIFI leverages PersonaLive to swiftly estimate audience sizes for media planning and create custom audiences for social advertising. PersonaLive also helps them understand and qualify leads by appending segments to them. This enables HIFI to focus on segments that convert and avoid those that do not.


HIFI recently helped build a digital bank from $0 to nearly $200 million in assets within eight months using PersonaLive as a core strategy tool. PersonaLive also significantly sped up the research and strategy phases of projects and the custom audiences proved more effective than general interest-based targeting methods.

“In A/B tests, audiences have proven more effective than general interest-based targeting.”


PersonaLive provides HIFI with a powerful, comprehensive segmentation tool, enabling them to quickly develop successful marketing strategies for their clients. By accelerating the research phase, the HIFI team can deliver exceptional results in record time.

“PersonaLive is a timesaver for our team, especially as it relates to media planning and strategy. That department has been vastly improved from an efficiency standpoint.”

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