How AAA Drove 50% More Auto Policy Sales With PersonaLive

AAA segmented its email list with PersonaLive, which increased open rate by 14.2% and click-through rate by 50%.

"The [PersonaLive-driven] email creative performed well above our hypothesized results. These learnings were huge in terms of how we go to market with insurance at AAA."

Brittany Freudinger

Marketing Manager



The Challenge

AAA, one of the nation’s most trusted brands, wanted to increase auto insurance policy sales through their monthly member email. However, they faced the challenge of optimally engaging their diverse member base through a one-size-fits-all email campaign.

The Approach

AAA used's PersonaLive, a customer segmentation and activation platform, to tackle this challenge. PersonaLive segmented AAA's email list into separate cohorts based on social, behavioral, and demographic factors. AAA's creative team then tailored the subject line, copy, and imagery to each segment, leaving one control group with the standard auto insurance email.

The Result

The personalization approach through PersonaLive was a success, resulting in a 14.2% higher open rate and a 50% higher click-through rate compared to the control group. More importantly, AAA could track actual policy sales back to the email campaign and found that segmented emails were 50% more effective at policy generation than the control group.


The collaboration between AAA and PersonaLive proved to be a successful tool for accurate customer segmentation, inspiring creative teams to generate compelling content and imagery, and ultimately driving 50% more auto policy sales. AAA's use of the PersonaLive platform and segmentation has improved its ability to understand and speak to its customer’s needs.

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