What is Geosocial?

Geosocial data is location-based social data. Using advanced AI algorithms we categorize billions of unstructured data points into quantifiable people and places segments that reveal trends and predict behavior.

Awards & Recognition

Realcomm IBcon 2019 Digie Award Winner—Audience Favorite, Judges' Favorite

Our Story


Will (computer engineer) and Lyden (ethnographic researcher) set out to build a dataset that reveals the "human layer."


Spatial.ai contracted by Ford to build navigation systems. Announces $2.1m in funding led by Serra Ventures.


Pivot: A data scientist taps Spatial.ai's navigation API to use social data to accurately predict retail store sales.


Traction: Spatial.ai releases the Geosocial Proximity dataset measuring geotagged activity in an area. Launches with eight analytics partners and expands to over 100 retailers and restaurants using the data to predict sales.


Spatial.ai discovers a technique to anonymously redistribute data points to home block groups at scale. Begins building the PersonaLive™ segmentation.


Spatial.ai releases the PersonaLive™ segmentation system.

2022 & Beyond

We continue to believe people are more than their demographics. And look forward to a world where commerce and cities are designed for the humans that inhabit them.

Our Investors