Financial services

Insurance, banks, and credit card providers are upping their game with real-time customer understanding. Whether it's personalizing offers, targeting marketing campaigns for financial and insurance products, or optimizing branch locations, data fuels measurably smarter decision-making.

Spend analysis

Enrich credit card transaction data

Unlock additional consumer insights by appending segmentation to historical transaction data. Analyze the relationships between segments and metrics like spend, churn, LTV, and more to identify opportunities and risks.


Personalize campaigns to drive policy sales

Discover why some customers have a higher propensity to convert on financial products than others. Then easily launch targeted campaigns with messaging that resonates and converts.


Optimize branch locations

Identify the social and behavioral factors that impact branch performance. Become a local expert in any market and easily find lookalike locations based on your most successful branches.

Discover the customer insights you need to grow

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