Retail & Restaurant

Leverage next-gen customer segmentation datasets to enhance the site selection process, validate sales projections, and optimize marketing efforts.

Site selection

Out-position your competition

Evaluate new markets and specific sites based on actual consumer behavior and interests rather than demographic factors alone. Become a local expert in any market and easily find lookalike locations based on your most successful sites.


Optimize local, regional, and national campaigns

Launch highly-targeted, data-driven campaigns in days, not weeks. Segment your customers, analyze their unique behaviors, and seamlessly activate audiences — all within an easy-to-use platform.

Visitor segmentation

Reveal who your visitors are

Segment your mobile visitation data to understand not only how many people are visiting and where they are coming from — but their social interests and brand preferences as well. Seamlessly transform segmented visitors into custom audiences for advertising across digital platforms.

Discover the consumer and location insights you need to grow

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