Segmentation superpowers for retail marketers

The PersonaLive platform streamlines the customer segmentation process so you can understand and reach your customers faster than ever.


Segment your customers in minutes

Upload your customer data file to our secure platform and let PersonaLive automatically segment your customer records.


Identify your most valuable segments

Drive strategic decisions with a full breakdown of your customer segments. See which segments are dominant, how much they spend, and more.

"PersonaLive revealed a large singles market visiting our locations, which challenged our assumptions about who our customers were. This inspired us to launch a date night package, which was so incredibly successful that it became our #1-selling product overnight."

Patrick Soulliere

CMO @ SeaQuest


Guide creative direction with vivid portraits

Explore your customer’s online and offline behaviors, demographic traits, and lifestyle imagery to develop highly-targeted creative and messaging.


Reach your customers across platforms

Build custom audiences based on your top segments to reach ideal prospects across Meta, Twitter, TikTok, and more with targeted ads.

"The audiences perform better than all of the other data sets we currently use."

Chris Finch

President @ Vi Acquire

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