Introducing PersonaLive: the World’s First Real-Time Customer Segmentation System

Lyden Foust


August 3, 2021

The team is proud to announce the launch of their second Geosocial dataset: PersonaLive™, the first real-time psychographic dataset. PersonaLive™ organizes and describes households across four dimensions; social, mobile, online, and individual demographics. 

The segmentation classifies every US household into one of 80 unique segments and 17 higher-order families. Each segment is dynamic and reveals the emerging topics and brands capturing the interest of your customers.

Why A New Psychographic Segmentation?

Since the release of national, machine-readable small-area statistics in the 1970s, marketers have been using Psychographics (or “Geodemographics” in the UK) to segment customers, target ads to households, and select trade areas. These datasets have survived the advent of the personal computer, smartphones, and big data for one main reason: they work. 

Psychographic datasets segment individuals across one dimension: demographics. To understand the behaviors of those demographic segments, they use surveys from a panel of 24k respondents (Survey Of The American Consumer) to represent those individuals. Organizing customers by their individual and neighborhood demographics has proven effective for over 50 years. Meanwhile, two technological advancements have opened an opportunity for a digital-era approach to Psychographics.

  1. Digital data sources have hit scale: With over 80% of the US population using at least one social media platform, people’s posts, follows, and likes have become a reliable piece of the puzzle for understanding customers. And mobile visitation panels typically capture the foot traffic of 1/3rd or more of the population.
  2.  Computation techniques for unstructured data: The very nature of these real-time datasets presents a problem. Unlike demographics, which are relatively static, and surveys that are easily structured, digital data are unstructured, dynamic, and chaotic. Since 2016, the team has pioneered the organization of unstructured social data into meaningful segments that now power predictive models for over 200 clients.

While demographic segmentation has proven effective, the reality is, although two people may have the same demographic traits, their behavior often differs substantially. With these two advancements, we can segment individuals on their actual behavior. Segmentation is due for an update.

Real-Time Segmentation

PersonaLive™ segments people across four dimensions: Social, mobile, online, and individual demographics. With digital behavior data at scale, we no longer need to use surveys as a proxy. By treating demographics as only a piece of the puzzle rather than the entire story, the PersonaLive™ segmentation has proven to be more predictive, efficient, and insightful than demographics alone. 

Using PersonaLive™

For marketers looking to understand the qualities that make up their best customers and target new similar households, the PersonaLive™ segmentation system takes teams from insight to activation in three easy steps; Append, Analyze, Activate.

Append: Upload your customer list to our secure platform that tags each customer with their corresponding segment.

Analyze: See which segments spend more, churn faster, or respond better as the system automatically analyzes first-party customer data.

Activate: Export custom audiences into new or existing campaigns to efficiently target the right customers, on the right channels, with the right message.

Join our customer segmentation webinar to learn more.

For retail/restaurant analysts and development directors looking to analyze trade areas, select new sites, and merchandise to the local population, the PersonaLive™ segmentation system makes it easier than ever to understand the social thumbprint of high-performing locations and identify the top locations in other markets. 

Join our site selection and market analysis webinar to learn more.

In the meantime, learn more about PersonaLive™ by visiting the product page.

How PersonaLive Segmentation System Works

Personalive segmentation uses social media, mobile foot traffic, online activity, and individual-level demographics to organize every US household into one of 80 behavioral segments. These segments provide visibility to the online and offline preferences of the customers visiting any US property.

01 Append

Draw a polygon around a property to identify the behavioral segment of every visitor.

02 Analyze

Rank the top customer types visiting a location. Then match retailers based on online and offline activities of visitors.

03 Activate

Demonstrate visitor brand affinity to close deals. Activate marketing campaigns to drive target segments to your location.

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