This is the first step to any analysis. Learn how to append the PersonaLive segments to your customer list.

Appending customer records is step one of the segmentation process and as long as you have address information for your customers it is quite easy.

  1. Click the customer upload tool on the PersonaLive dashboard.
  2. Drop a formatted CSV file of your customer records into the upload tool.
  3. Receive all customer records back codified with their corresponding segment.

There are two immediate benefits to appending customer records. First this contextualizes your first party data. You can see which segment of customers churn more, spend more, have a higher LTV etc. Secondly you are enriching your customer information with the social topics, demographic information, brand influence, brand visitation, channel preferences, etc. that we provide. 

You also automatically get a segment strategy tool that will do all this number crunching for you if you include the metric you’d like to contextualize in the customer record. For example, buy adding total customer spend you can see which customer segment spends more vs. average spend.

This step sets you up for analyzing your best customers, running personalized retargeting campaigns, and identifying idea segments for new campaigns.