CRE’s New Secret Weapon: Foot Traffic Segmentation

3 Ways To Make the Most of Mobile Data

Wednesday, June 29th, @ 2:00pm EST | 11:00am PST

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In the past few years, the CRE industry’s use of foot traffic data has skyrocketed. Now, most CRE companies use foot traffic data to present their property. But finding the perfect tenant fit and convincing real estate committees of the match remains challenging, especially when the only way to differentiate visitors to a property is their demographics.

The best way to quantify tenant fit is by knowing the digital and real-world retail behaviors of people visiting a property. And the only way to get visibility to these characteristics of customers is to link mobile visits with behavioral segmentation.

In this webinar, we will focus on three ways CRE professionals can make the most of foot traffic data by using segmentation to drive: 

  1. Leasing Strategy
  2. Tenant Representation
  3. Marketing Activation

How PersonaLive Segmentation System Works

PersonaLive segmentation uses social media, mobile foot traffic, online activity, and individual-level demographics to organize every US household into one of 80 behavioral segments. These segments provide visibility to the online and offline preferences of the customers visiting any US property.

1. Append

Draw a polygon around a property to identify the behavioral segment of every visitor.

2. Analyze

Rank the top customer types visiting a location. Then match retailers based on online and offline activities of visitors.

3. Activate

Demonstrate visitor brand affinity to close deals. Activate marketing campaigns to drive target segments to your location.