SitesUSA: Intro to Geosocial in REGIS Online

Lyden Foust
CEO / Spatial.ai
Michael Christenson
VP of Sales & Biz Dev / SitesUSA

Join Michael Christenson, VP of Sales and Business Development at SitesUSA, and Lyden Foust, CEO of Spatial.ai as they provide an overview of geosocial data within REGIS Online. You'll learn what the dataset is, how it's collected, and most importantly, how to use it to uncover key insights through REGIS Online's mapping and reporting features.

What you'll learn:

  • What geosocial data is and how the dataset is built.
  • How landlords can merchandise their shopping centers based on the surrounding community's behaviors and interests
  • How to identify geosocial segments that resonate most with specific brands and retailers.
  • Psychographic data vs geosocial data, and how they can work together to provide a 360 degree view of an area.

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