Tetrad: Leveraging Social Media Data with Sitewise

Lyden Foust
CEO / Spatial.ai
Stephane Bowen
Director Of Operations / Tetrad

Want to know how you can take your site selection and geomarketing strategies to the next level? Join Stephane Bowen, Tetrad’s Director of Client Services, and Lyden Foust, Spatial.ai’s CEO, to discuss how their new partnership is empowering Sitewise users to do just that with geosocial data.

Albeit still important, traditional demographics and retail location datasets only tell one side of the story. Webinar attendees will get an in-depth look into Spatial.ai's unique dataset, how it's built, and its variety of applications in conjunction with other Sitewise tools to better target your marketing and site selection.

What you'll learn:

  • How to access the interests, hobbies, and behaviors happening within a trade area in seconds within Sitewise's custom UI and ultra-flexible reporting engine.
  • How Pet Supplies Plus is looking to use mobile and geosocial data in tandem to first identify underperforming trade area segments based on shopping center visitation patterns, and then easily optimize their geomarketing campaign based on customer behavior.
  • How to outmaneuver your competitors using Sitewise's Mobile Insights to create custom reports for local marketing teams tailored specifically to that area.
  • How to identify "hidden" differences between demographically identical trade areas using the lens of geosocial.

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