SafeGraph: Stronger Market Intelligence with Mobility Patterns and Geosocial Profiles

Briana Brown
Content Manager / SafeGraph
Lyden Foust
CEO / Spatial.ai

Demographic data is one of the key components of the geospatial ecosystem. With the right demographic data, businesses can identify the socioeconomic traits and general locations of their customers. But how can companies truly understand who their customers really are?

As brands strive to compete with each other in a changing economy, gaining a data-driven edge is more important than ever. Whether through stronger marketing strategies or a strategic site selection decision, data empowers retailers to rise above the competition.

Geosocial profiles go above and beyond traditional demographic data by capturing social media activity and sentiment. By organizing social data into specific personalities or behaviors commonly present in communities, geosocial profiles take customer analytics to a new, more accurate, and personalized level. When combined with mobility and points of interest (POI) data, geosocial profiles enable brands to conduct a complete market analysis and better compete.

Watch data experts from Spatial.ai and SafeGraph as they discuss how combining geosocial, mobility, and POI data can lead to stronger brand strategies and deeper customer intelligence.

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