SiteZeus: Identify Customers in Seconds

Lauren McGrath
Sr. Director, Client Success / Spatial.ai
Evelina Giang
Director of Analytics & Data Solutions / UberMedia
Emily Cartafalsa
Product Owner / SiteZeus

See what happens when two very powerful data sets are consumed inside an A.I.-powered platform. SiteZeus, UberMedia, and Spatial.ai will be presenting the newest method in customer segmentation with mobile geofencing data and 8 billion+ organic social conversations. A redesigned experience, carefully crafted to deliver value to real estate and marketing teams across the nation.

What We'll Cover:
  • How to identify your customer mix in 2019
  • Where to find more of those customers
  • How to define your true trade areas
  • How to identify untapped markets
  • See where customers come from and go

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