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Part 3: Property Marketing Activation

Lyden Foust


June 21, 2022

This is part three of a five-part series showing how CRE professionals and analysts can append social segments to foot traffic data, analyze customer segments visiting a location, and activate marketing campaigns to drive the ideal customer to the center.

Marketing a retail property to consumers can be challenging, especially when you don’t know who is showing up, or their activities outside your property. empowers property marketers the ability to target top customers directly and reveal their online and offline behaviors.

This allows marketers to select smarter audiences, contact them directly, and personalize offerings.

What sets the PersonaLive segmentation apart? The ability to identify the top segments coming to your location and target those people directly via email, social media, or display advertising. 

On the left: Visitor segments to Newport On the Levee. On the Right: A map of the Cincinnati DMA. Each dot represents a household with color corresponding to the top 3 segments.

Case Study: Marketing Strategy For Newport On The Levee Vs. Atlantic Station

In this case study, we look at how we would personalize a marketing strategy for two locations that have similar visitor demographics yet different interests and lifestyles. It takes three steps to go from knowing zero about a property's visitors to running personalized marketing campaigns for your top customer segments.

  1. Append
  2. Analyze
  3. Activate

Step 1: Append

To append segments to visitors we need to start by drawing a geofence around the property. PersonaLive automatically segments each device using their home block group. 

Navigate to the Append tab > Append Segments > Draw Polygon. Then draw a geofence around the location and specify the time frame. We do this for both locations.

Drawing a geofence around the Newport property.

Step 2: Analyze

Within a few minutes, the report is run and we can see ranked percentages of visitors from each segment. Navigate to Analyze > Mobile Insights to compare the two locations. 

#BabiesBurbs&Blessings is the #1 segment for Newport On The Levee, and #Urbanists make up the majority of Atlantic Station Visitors. By clicking the top two families we can see their demographic makeup and interests.

Briefly looking at these segments I created a quick profile we can use in marketing that translates directly into offers, events, activities, and imagery for each segment. 

Step 3: Activate

So far we have identified the top segments coming to each property and used insights to develop personalized ads. Activating audiences is as easy as navigating to Activate > Activate Audience > then choose segments. Narrow down to a DMA, and finally choose which platform you’d like your audiences sent.

For our Newport location we chose the top three segment families and narrowed to Cincinnati, Ohio DMA. This produced 781k records that meet our criteria.

Now choose the audience destination. After entering your ads account credentials you will receive the audience in your ads manager.

In the background we have identified every household in the DMA that falls into our top segments, represented by a dot on our map. We can now send personalized advertisements to these people across our marketing platforms.

The illustration above shows the top-ranked visiting segments for each property. Each dot on the map represents a household in that target segment.

Target Smarter

Knowing the characteristics of property visitors allows you to be smarter about audience selection and ad design. This process is taken a step further by enabling you to port the segments you know over-index on visiting your property directly into marketing platforms. 

In part 1 and 2 we talked about leasing strategy and site selection to optimize a property. Here we walked through getting people to come. In the next part we will talk about how to use PersonaLive for acquisitions.

Want to learn more? Watch the on-demand webinar.

How PersonaLive Segmentation System Works

Personalive segmentation uses social media, mobile foot traffic, online activity, and individual-level demographics to organize every US household into one of 80 behavioral segments. These segments provide visibility to the online and offline preferences of the customers visiting any US property.

01 Append

Draw a polygon around a property to identify the behavioral segment of every visitor.

02 Analyze

Rank the top customer types visiting a location. Then match retailers based on online and offline activities of visitors.

03 Activate

Demonstrate visitor brand affinity to close deals. Activate marketing campaigns to drive target segments to your location.

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