How Brixmor Landed a Transformational Tenant With PersonaLive

The Brixmor team leveraged Creditntell's REI platform and's PersonaLive segmentation to close the deal with a specialty grocer.


The Background

Brixmor is a publicly traded real estate investment trust. They own and operate nearly 380 retail centers across the country and deliver services such as acquisitions, leasing, and development. Creditntell is a full service consulting firm which analyzes the financial health of hundreds of publicly and privately held retailers.

The Challenge

A specialty grocery was considering one of Brixmor’s developments but had concerns that the income and customer profile in the trade area were not aligned to their existing locations. To overcome the tenant’s concerns the Brixmor team needed a way to understand that center’s customers at a deeper level than demographics.

The Approach

The Brixmor team utilized Creditntell’s REI platform to generate trade areas from mobile data. The trade area was enriched with PersonaLive’s 17 families and 80 segments, providing a full view of the consumer landscape beyond median income. The Brixmor team could then view consumers’ interests, the brands they visit and follow on social, their health mindset, and more — all based on behaviors derived from social media, mobile visitation, and website visitation.

The Results

Brixmor used the REI platform to show that the top four personas (or segments) in the trade area were above average for household income, home ownership, college degrees, and households with children. Additionally, they showed how these consumers followed brands like Athleta, The Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Barre3, and Cycle bar.

This contextual data gave the specialty grocer confidence to come to terms on a deal. They are scheduled to open early 2024.

“Our team was able to utilize Creditntell's REI platform which has partnered with's PersonaLive tool to show that the top four personas in our trade area were above the national average for household income, home ownership, college degrees and households with children — all data sets that this grocer loves to see.The dataset also shows the most-followed brands on social media by consumers in our trade area, including many higher end tenants like Athleta, The Fresh Market, Sprouts, Whole Foods, barre3 and Cycle Bar to name a few.Using this deep understanding of the psychographics in this market, we were ultimately able to come to terms on a deal with this specialty grocer which is scheduled to open in early 2024 and will be a transformational event for this asset and this community."

— David Gerstenhaber, SVP, Head of National Accounts, Brixmor

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