How Quick Quack Car Wash Boosted Facebook Ad Performance by 27%

The fast-growing car wash brand used PersonaLive segmentation to supercharge their Facebook ad strategy.


The Challenge

Quick Quack Car Wash, one of the nation’s fastest growing car wash brands, wanted to boost sales through digital advertising. With 190 units and aggressive growth they faced a challenge of finding the right target audiences in each new market.

The Approach

Quick Quack Car Wash utilized's PersonaLive, a customer segmentation tool, to classify mobile devices visiting their sites. They organized their ad campaigns by region and targeted the top 10 segments within each region for their Q2 2023 Facebook marketing efforts.

Quick Quack’s top segments within the PersonaLive platform. By segmenting visitors in each region, they quickly identified regional audiences for ad targeting.

The Result

The audience targeting approach through PersonaLive was a success and delivered a 27% higher click-through rate vs. their other Q2 2023 campaigns. Further, they reduced cost per click 42% for a more efficient ad spend.

Overall, PersonaLive boosted Quick Quack’s ad performance 270% over the industry average with 90% higher cost per click efficiency than their peers*.


Quick Quack was able to identify and target the correct audiences with unprecedented speed. Instead of spending weeks on trial and error audience testing via Facebook, they identified and targeted audiences that drove higher CTR and lower CPC in a single day.

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