How SeaQuest Hit Record-Breaking Sales With Customer Segmentation

After customer data revealed an unexpected insight, SeaQuest launched a new product line that became their top-selling package overnight.

"PersonaLive revealed a large singles market visiting our locations, which challenged our assumptions about who our customers were. This inspired us to launch a date night package, which was so incredibly successful that it became our #1-selling product overnight."

Patrick Soulliere





SeaQuest is an interactive aquarium and zoo adventure chain featuring 14 locations where guests can interact with marine, exotic mammal, and bird/reptile wildlife. SeaQuest had experienced remarkable growth since its founding in 2015 but had started to slow. This led SeaQuest to explore whether customer segmentation could unlock new avenues for growth.


The SeaQuest team appended customer data for each of their locations to the PersonaLive segmentation. The prevailing assumption had been that their core demographic was predominantly women with children. However, data revealed an unexpected trend: a significant number of single adults were frequenting SeaQuest locations.

Inspired by these findings, SeaQuest was quick to innovate. They crafted a tailored "Date Night" package, targeting the single adult segment—a move grounded in data-driven confidence.


The “Date Night” package was a success, and overnight became the top-selling package for SeaQuest. The ripple effect of its success was amplified through social media, as popular dating influencers championed SeaQuest as a date night hotspot, enhancing its popularity and reach without additional marketing spend.


By harnessing the power of segmentation SeaQuest was able to identify their target audiences with unprecedented speed. Instead of guessing at their customer demographics, they were able to release the date night package with confidence and hit record sales in their locations using PersonaLive in under 90 days.

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