UberMedia and Partner to Combine Mobile Location Data and Geosocial Data

Lyden Foust


September 21, 2020

Pasadena, CA — September 21, 2020 — UberMedia, the leading provider of mobile location data and intelligence, today announced its partnership with, creators of Geosocial data, the world's first human-driven lifestyle dataset built by categorizing billions of location-based social media posts into 72 geographic segments. This new partnership will allow users of UberMedia’s mobile data platforms to layer in a state-of-the-art, location-based social media dataset for deeper market analysis and customer insights. 

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has vast implications, particularly for the retail and restaurant industries. This, combined with ever-changing consumer behaviors favoring e-commerce, delivery, and touchless pick-up, requires brands with brick & mortar locations to be nimble if they are to survive. 

“There are two datasets that have shifted the way we think about site analysis in the post-smartphone era; massive mobile data and Geosocial. By combining peoples’ movement with their behavior on social media, analysts can see the unique interests of visitors to their store. The combination of these sources creates an altogether new dataset and is an industry first,” said Lyden Foust, CEO of

UberMedia and have developed a new report called Geosocial Affinity, or GSA. The GSA report provides a quantitative measure of the attitudes, interests, and behaviors of consumers in near-real-time, allowing analysts to observe pre-and-post pandemic changes in consumer behavior.

Looking at LaGuardia Airport (LGA), the Geosocial Affinity report reveals unique insights about post-COVID travelers that otherwise might have gone unnoticed. From March-July 2020, Laguardia’s travelers exhibited Hip Hop Culture, Activism, and Party Life that exceeded the norm compared to pre-COVID behavior. These segments tend to be younger and slightly lower income than the average New York MSA resident, indicating that youth and those empowered by the Black Lives Matter movement were undeterred from travel despite the pandemic.

graph: percent change of geosocial segments precovid vs postcovid at LaGuardia Airport, NY

In a restaurant setting, the Geosocial Affinity report reveals new segments of top customers for Sonic. In an analysis of Sonic locations in Atlanta pre-COVID, Sonic’s core customer skewed towards urban, highly social segments like Party Life, Praise & Worship, Networking, and Hip Hop Culture, as well as family-oriented segments like Connected Motherhood. In the months that followed the outbreak of COVID-19, Sonic’s visitation in Greater Atlanta skyrocketed (Source: UberMedia), bringing with it a new class of customer while maintaining the existing clientele. These new customers have greater ties to wealthier families and rural activities, leaving Sonic with an opportunity to:

  • Differentiate strategy by store profile
  • Target emerging areas with new Sonic stores
  • Roll out customized messaging
  • Focus on larger-ticket menu items
Graph: change in customer visitation precovid vs postcovid for Sonic locations in Atlanta, GA
Graph: percent change of geosocial segments precovid vs postcovidfor Sonic locations in Atlanta, GA
“Unprecedented times require organizations to think on their feet and make decisions with the most current information possible. Geosocial data expands the UberMedia Social Affinity data sets through the integration of powerful social media interaction data from We've helped organizations of all sizes understand consumer behavior during COVID-19, and are proud to extend that understanding through our partnership with,” said Jon D Freeman, Head of Sales at UberMedia.

In a commercial market that is more uncertain than ever, it is critical to keep a pulse on consumers and their changing interests, preferences, attitudes, and movement patterns. For more information on how you can apply the new UberMedia + Geosocial Affinity Report to your retail, restaurant, commercial property, tourism, or marketing strategy, please contact Kerry Pearce ( or Lauren McGrath (

About UberMedia: UberMedia® collects mobile location data from a variety of sources and aggregates them into location intelligence, audience segment targeting, and media measurement. UberMedia provides the highest quality mobile data solutions trusted by businesses to creatively solve their persistent challenges. The company’s diverse suite of products process billions of social, demographic, and location signals daily for Fortune 500 companies across retail, commercial real estate, tourism, and more to better understand and influence modern consumers with the most accurate business decision science. Recognized as a pioneer in targeted mobile location intelligence, UberMedia was listed as Fast Company’s “50 Most Innovative Companies,” The Wall Street Journal’s Top “50 Startups,” Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America,” and as one of Advertising Age’s “Best Places to Work.” UberMedia is headquartered in Pasadena, CA. For more information, visit
About’s Geosocial data is the world’s first human-driven location dataset - built by organizing billions of location-based social media into 72 segments. Since launching their Geosocial segmentation in 2019 companies like Ford, TSCG, Keller Williams and over 150 retailers/restaurants with 100,000+ locations use Geosocial data to predict demand, select locations and uncover the invisible community characteristics that have a bottom-line impact on their business. is backed by Serra Ventures, M25, Futureshape, and Techstars. They have won multiple awards in machine learning and artificial intelligence from Google, Fortune Magazine, and Disruptor Daily. For more information, visit the company website at
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How PersonaLive Segmentation System Works

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02 Analyze

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